We have just responded to the Government’s domestic abuse consultation. As well as supporting many of the reforms, BSWA is calling for:

A statutory assessment of all welfare and housing policies to make sure that no aspect of policy makes abused women and children less safe

  • Refuge to be seen as a national institution. Until equality is achieved, we should no more conceive of a society without refuge, as we would a society without residential care, prisons or hospitals
  • A cultural change in how agencies understand and respond to domestic. Too many abused women are dying needlessly following missed opportunities and misunderstanding of coercive control
  • Parity of access to refuge and support for abused women with insecure immigration status
  • Following New York’s lead and making it the equivalent of unconstitutional to remove children from their abused mother unless the state can evidence that they have done everything in their power to protect them from their abuser

For more details see Our Response