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We are a registered charity (1073926) and a company limited by guarantee (3509538).

We are managed by a Board of Volunteer Trustees who are responsible for overseeing the management, financial transactions and decisions, maintenance and development of services and compliance with all duties that a charity and limited company are bound by. Fulfilling the Trustee role involves:

  • participating in regular reviews of the strategy, core values, aims and objectives of BSWA
  • ensuring that the organisation of BSWA is such that the charitable objectives can be achieved
  • monitoring the financial strength of BSWA and ensuring its long-term sustainability including approval of annual budgets
  • reviewing and approving the policies of BSWA
  • recommending the appointment of auditors to the Annual General Meeting
  • ensuring that all published reports adequately reflect the services and financial condition of BSWA
  • assisting in the recruitment and induction of new members of the Board of Trustees

If you are interested in becoming a BSWA Trustee, please Contact Us.

Meet our Board of Volunteer Trustees