Women and children are never to blame for the abuse they experience.  Children are often deeply affected by domestic violence, whether they are abused themselves or have witnessed it happening to other family members. They can become afraid, confused, angry or anxious about what is happening to them.  Family relationships may become difficult during these times, and that is where Family Support can help.

We provide a safe space for you and your children to talk about their thoughts and feelings supported by one of our experienced workers.  Through play sessions and other shared activities, we talk about family relationships and promote confidence and self-esteem.

We can help you to address any concerns you have about your child or children, advice on how to best provide support, help to move forward and develop more positive family relationships.

If you would like to get in contact with us for further information or advice on Family Support, call 0121 685 8687.


I will always remember you for helping me transform my life and the lives of my children.BSWA User