Without specialist support and a safe place to turn for help and advice, women and children stay in violent and dangerous situations.  We believe that women and children have the right to live free from violence, abuse and fear.  Your support goes directly to supporting women and children through one of our projects, and makes a huge difference to the number of women and children we can reach.

You can support our work through a one-off donation or by regular giving at:


Any amount makes a huge difference to us.

Donation of Goods

Women and children who have fled their homes to escape violence may only have a few possessions and provisions.  We are grateful for the donation of any goods to help them, for example, nappies and toiletries, or food provisions like tins and dried food.

If you are able to provide us provision please contact 0121 685 8687 ext 0 or bring donations to Ryland House, 44-48 Bristol Street, Birmingham.

Charity Shop Donations

Each bag of clothes we get could raise £30, which can provide an emergency pack for a family fleeing their homes because of violence and abuse, including a toy for a child forced to leave everything behind.   Our Charity Shops page gives information on how to donate.