Supplies within our foodbank and items for babies in refuge are now running extremely low.  Could you help our women and children by donating a few essentials?

Quite often, when women and children first arrive at refuge, they have very little by way of belongings.  To help, we provide emergency packs of food, toiletries and baby essentials to our families.

In times of such austerity, we rely heavily on the support of the public to help us to provide these much needed items.

Can you help by providing something from the list below?

Food Bank Items

  • Cans and Jars:
    • Beans and Pulses (inc. baked beans, spaghetti, kidney beans)
    • Soups – packets and cans
    • Fish (tuna, mackerel, salmon)
    • Meat
    • Pasta Sauce
    • Cooking sauces
    • UHT/Longlife Milk
    • Rice pudding
  • Packets:
    • Dried Pasta
    • Rice
    • Soup packets (cup a soup)
    • Pot noodles
    • Cereals and Porridge Oats
    • Teabags, coffee, sugar, hot chocolate
    • Can opener
  • Baby Items and Toiletries
    • Nappies and Nappy sacks (especially size 4 and 5 nappies)
    • Baby wipes
    • Moisturiser
    • Baby bath/shampoo
    • Cotton wool
    • Baby milk/food
    • Dummies and bibs
    • Baby bottles
    • Sanitary Towels and Tampons

If you are able to help please contact us via email or telephone 0121 685 8687.