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Christmas 2019

Christmas, no matter where you are in the world or what you believe, is a time to share food, gifts, to enjoy each other’s company and relax with people you love.

The idyllic pile of Christmas presents

But for women and children in refuge, or for families living in temporary accommodation Christmas can be a bitter reminder of what has happened to them, and what they have lost.

We want the best possible experience for women and children using our services at this time of year so with the help of our supporters we can ensure that we make it as special as it can be.

How can you get involved?

  • TALK! Get in touch with us if you’re doing an event, activity or want some ideas. Our team can give you tips, provide guidance or even send you a shopping list.
  • SURF! Purchase an item from our Amazon list which will then come direct to our central office ready for distribution. This may not feel as special, but we promise for the child receiving the gift, they won’t know the difference: they will still be delighted with the gift they receive.
  • SHOP! Purchase a gift and drop it to our head office at 44 Bristol Street B5 7AA before 15th December but ideally, don’t wrap it up. We need to see gifts before we hand them out for lots of reasons and we often have to unwrap lovely presents and re-wrap them. ( Don’t forget to let us know you’re dropping them off too!)
  • WORK! If you do a Secret Santa scheme in work, why not join several of the businesses who already support us by purchasing a gift for a woman or child, rather than a colleague? It’ll be easier to choose something and will make a real difference rather than just create a potentially awkward moment with a member of staff!  We’re also suggesting you do this as an alternative to Advent as part of the 16 Days of Action, a national campaign aimed at businesses to encourage them to take action against domestic abuse. It starts on 25th November and continues till 10th December. Perfect timing for us and our Christmas gift collections
  • DONATE Make a donation. Click on the bottom of this page on Donate Now or via our Christmas appeal page https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/BSWAchristmas2019 . This gives us a fund to then purchase emergency gifts. Perhaps we have an older teenager in refuge and we’ve run out of teen appropriate gifts? A cash donation is perfect to help us with those last minute shopping trips.

And we know this is early to start talking about Christmas, (unless you’re a high street store that is), but we do start planning very early.

We gather presents from November, and always aim to have a stock of Christmas presents for babies, children, teenagers and women available in our store room by the second week of December so they can be distributed by our ‘elves’ well in advance of the special day. We only give out new toys to children for Christmas, so if you have used toys you’d like to donate please get in touch with us first to see if we have room to store to distribute to our charity shops.

So be a good elf, and ‘elp us along the way; even the smallest gesture will mean a lot.

Thank you for supporting us this festive season.

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