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Donations of gifts in kind

We are grateful to our supporters who donate food, toiletries and other items to women and children accessing our services. We are able to take the following items as donations to our head office in Birmingham city centre, but please let us know via email or telephone before you drop the items off.


We have a facebook page where you can make a donation direct to the foodbank appeal. Click the link below.


Brand new, unopened, within date long life food stuffs including:

pot noodles, pot rices, instant porridge, tea, coffee, biscuits, long life milk.


Often accommodation only has a kettle or microwave, so we encourage donations of items which can be prepared in that way


Brand new, unopened toiletry items including:

shampoo, conditioner, face wipes, deodorant, hand cream, baby wipes, nappies, sanitary towels, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hand wash


These items can be taken at any time.


If you have clothing, toys or any other item to donate, please contact us first to check if we can take the items.


As a rule of thumb, please don’t offer us anything you wouldn’t be happy to receive yourself, or anything that is broken or dirty. It’s quite rare that we would offer second hand clothing to a family, so for large donations of clothing in particular, please try our charity shop in Boldmere first.

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