Posted 14 October 2021

Living the ‘high’ life – Adele’s zip wire experience

Adele is a member of our team who works in our Older Woman’s project, and here she shares her experience of a sponsored zip wire challenge.

“After booking a holiday in Wales, my family had decided to book the fastest zip wire in the world at Penrhyn Quarry Snowdonia 1.5-kilometre zip line speeding over the Penrhyn lake and picturesque views of Snowdonia. My thought following this was if I’m going to do this I could use the experience to raise funds for BSWA.

We were up early on 31st August to travel to Penrhyn Quarry for 9am to get registered. Then to the bays to be fitted out with zip line harness, the most technical piece of equipment you have to wear (very heavy!) plus a crash helmet. Following this you wait in turn to do a taster zip wire experience first to see if individuals cope. I thought I was going into the cliff towards the end, as the line quickly raised above the cliff – scary or what!

Then you are taken by truck on a Quarry safari up 1,500 ft to the top of the Quarry. More waiting for the real thing, then you are asked to lie face down on the mattress then fixed to steel lanyard wires. Safety checks then take place, the mattress is lowered and you are held up by the lanyard wires  then off you go, getting up to 125 MPH which takes around 1 minute 15 seconds. I got caught in a cross wind over the lake which meant I was stationary for probably 4-5 seconds which felt like an eternity.  I found some of the experience exhilarating but found the abseil I did to raise funds in 2019 easier (editors note, yes, Adele also did an abseil for us in 2019) I felt more in control of the experience as you have to get yourself down. Glad I did do it but don’t need to do it again though! 

A big thank you to everyone who donated and helping me achieve my target of £500 towards helping women and children through these challenging times.”

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