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Research and publications

developing and sharing our evidence base

Strategic Plan

We are often asked about how we manage to achieve a trusting and lasting relationship with women that lead to such positive outcomes.

The effectiveness of how we work stems from our strong values; our robust evidence base; our innovation; our dedicated needs-led and person-centred experience.

Our services are often life-saving and have a long-term impact on women and children’s safety and self-empowerment.

Our Strategic Plan sets out the priorities we intend to deliver against over the next five years.

Annual Review

Every day of the year BSWA provides support to women and children across Birmingham and Solihull who are affected by domestic violence and abuse in all its forms.

Our Annual Reviews allow us a chance to reflect on all we have achieved in the past year, spot opportunities for any new projects and celebrate our staff and the women and children we have supported to go on to live safer lives free from the fear of abuse.

“Representing women, being their voice, sharing their story is a privilege. Our reports and our documents contain a lot of statistics, it’s the nature of the work that we do. But we also want to be sure to remind people that there are real women behind every one of those statistics.”

Research & Data

Making sure that women and children are offered the best and most appropriate support by us is key to ensuring women and children have safer, positive outcomes as a result. We ensure that we are always considering new theory and practice that is being developed across the specialist domestic violence and abuse support industry. We do this alongside our existent wealth of evidence-based knowledge gathered over our last 40 years of supporting women and children, reflected through our informed practice.


BSWA Research and Submissions

Autumn 2020

Birmingham & Solihull Women’s Aid Places of Safety 2020 Report

The Places of Safety Report presents the results of an independent evaluative research project which tracks the initial set up, operation and development of the Domestic Abuse Home Options Hub currently being piloted as a joint partnership between Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid (BSWAID) and Birmingham City Council (BCC).

The research was commissioned by Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid to run alongside the first 11 months of the Hub’s operation (February 2019 to December 2019), in order to provide evidence and guidance for future service development and commissioning; contribute to local and national evidence bases; guide future research agendas and direct local policy focus.

In particular, the project is intended to provide narrative, experiential detail of the circumstances facing, and the ‘journeys’ undertaken, by women and children in Birmingham who are fleeing domestic abuse; the experiences of the specialist practitioners who assist them, and how these may have been impacted by the introduction of the Homelessness Reduction Act and corresponding policy environments.

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