Posted 06 October 2022


A series of poems written by a woman who has been supported by BSWA

I don’t love the one who put me last. This is me learning to carrying on without him, this is me accepting that you don’t have to end up with the one you’ve always wanted. This is me knowing that he doesn’t deserve me, yet I still gave him chances. Now it’s me trying to live a little, it’s me giving up on him. Now it’s me accepting that he didn’t try as much as he was supposed to. So instead of trying to love him, I finally give up. Love should never make you feel like you don’t deserve to be happy. I’ve finally found the will to make myself happy, and I’m not going to let him break my heart and get away with it.

by Bleeding Muse

I celebrate myself. I celebrate the internal battles I fought and won. I celebrate the countless times I put on a smile while going through it on the inside. I celebrate the many nights I took care of myself when my heart was hurting and keeping me up at night. I celebrate the times I spoke up for what I believed in even when my voice was shaky. I celebrate my strength when I ended connections I knew weren’t good for me, even when my heart tried to convince me otherwise. I celebrate the many times I held back my tears because he didn’t deserve to see that side of me. I celebrate learning how to love myself and now loving myself right.

by Bleeding Muse

It is said that as women, we ought to feel shame if we are alone, but sometimes as women, alone is a place we go, to feel empowered.

by Bleeding Muse

A woman is worshipped as a mother,
Cared for as a daughter, valued as a sister. And laughed off as a wife. One woman, multiple emotions.

by Bleeding Muse

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