Posted 15 November 2021

The Story of the Lilac Fairy

A special story for children (and grown ups!)

Have you heard us talking about the Lilac Fairy who comes at Christmas time and helps us give out presents to the boys and girls? Would you like to know more about her? I’m hoping you said yes, because I’m going to tell you anyway….

First of all, the Lilac Fairy is a banana. No! of course she’s not, that would be silly. The Lilac Fairy is a fairy, but what are fairies…?

Fairies are very special, magical creatures that live in a far- off land called Elftopia, they are strong and brave and they all have special powers. Fairies can fly (although they often don’t bother if they can sneak a lift on the back of a witch’s broom or in someone’s pocket). They can talk to animals and sometimes they can get them to do silly things… have you ever wondered why bats sleep upside down? That was a fairy’s idea! Although they are mostly invisible they will appear to children who need them. And they occasionally be seen by very special grown ups.

There are many different fairies, and they can each do different things. Tooth Fairies, for example, take away children’s old teeth and use them to make furniture for all the beings in Elftopia (all the creatures in Elftopia are very tiny, and none of them mind that all their furniture is hard and white)

Dog-poo fairies remove dog poop from pavements and parks to make them clean for people to walk through and stop them slipping. But beware- they are very mischievous fairies and remember… when they take the dog poo away they have to put it somewhere…

There is even a Bogey Fairy.. their job is to clear away all the bogies that naughty children pick out of their noses and flick on the floor or wipe one the underside of tables (yuk!) They carry all the bogies they’ve collected by sticking them to their coats – you can imagine how that makes them look- and remember that next time you think about eating a bogey!

The most special fairy of them all though, is the Lilac Fairy. The Lilac fairy is stronger than an elephant, more beautiful than the prettiest flower and braver than the cheekiest mouse (which is better than being as pretty as an elephant, brave as a flower and as strong as a mouse!)

The Lilac fairy can make dogs wear hats and cats wear boots, she can make teachers forget to give you homework and she can even make broccoli taste of chocolate! The best power that the Lilac Fairy has though, is that she is able to spot the bravest children in the world, and at Christmas time she treats them by bringing them gifts.

So, if you see the Lilac fairy, and if she gives you a gift- know that it is because you are a very special person who has been very brave and is loved very much. You don’t even need to give her anything in return… not even a tooth!

As told by a special Lilac Fairy Helper

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